I’m a Canadian, which means I’m not so great at boasting, but here’s my favourite humble-brag: 
I love going to the supermarket. Why? Because I can walk down any aisle in Canada or the US -- Chips, Snacks, Frozen, Dairy, Personal Care or Household, even the Pet Food aisle, and don't forget the Gum and Candy on the way out! -- and find something that I’ve worked on.

I'm Christy Flora
and I'm A creative,
just like you.

Hi There !

Though, unlike most creatives I know, I found my calling
in 9th grade.

It started with my Dad's old Nikon FE

about Me

My subjects were my high school buddies and anything that called to me as visually dynamic. That love for compelling imagery led me to a university degree in photography where I further developed my skills to see light and shadow and all the shades in between.

From a stock image editor, photographer, web designer, 3D artist to digital imaging artist, I've had the privilege to see the world in all it's beautiful shapes and colours -- so let's get started and make some amazing images together!


Christy has a keen eye for detail, a contemporary design aesthetic and a disciplined work ethic. As a creative problem solver, Christy not only delivers what is asked but constantly strives to provide "next level" solutions.

Account Manager

I highly recommend Christy for image work! Christy has a great eye for what is required. She is very detail oriented and asks all the right questions. I have worked with her now on several projects within our system and she follows our tight deliverable requirements flawlessly.


 ~ BETH ~

Christy's imaging talent blends the technical know-how with a creative eye always leading to results that exceed expectations. I would definitely recommend Christy as she is exceptional at what she does.


~ Vania ~

Working with Christy is a dream. She is as intelligent as she is talented. Her critical design eye will spot things that most will miss, allowing her to elevate the work, be it photography retouching or 3D render creation. 


~ Paula ~

Christy’s attention to detail, whether it be her illustrations, photography, imaging or 3D creation, is off the charts! She has gotten me and my clients out of plenty of binds. Always willing to go above and beyond, I highly recommend Christy!

~ Linda ~


Christy is a consummate professional. She is very talented, hard working, thoughtful and passionate about any project she takes on. She excels at working on her own or within a team dynamic - always great to work with!

~ EMO ~

Graphic Designer

Buck Wild • snacks

Retouching and colour correction to all food and monochrome back panel portraits


Retouching and colour correction to all food • background field composition • on-pack product 2D illustrations

Healthy Choice • Power bowls

Retouching and colour correction to all food • background image composition

Cadbury • Scream & Mini Eggs Displays

3D illustrations of all POS displays

Triscuit • Crackers

Retouching, colour correction and composition to all food • 2D illustrations

Claim Jumper • cream Pies

Retouching, colour correction and composition of all food


Do you have a dieline and
a dream? 

3D Illustration

Make a what?!

You have all the pieces but...
 you want to make
something from nothing.


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